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We are Ed + Amy and we turn memories into works of art!

We are Ed+ Amy and we simply just want to meet you, hear your story and see how we can help! We LOVE to create and share what we we love most. Lately we call it "the 3 C's of creativity!"We truly feel that these three projects all tie into each other to really set us apart. Each wedding is so unique and different . . . You should have a wedding day that reflects how amazing and special you are!

We have been providing wedding photography and videography for over 8 years! Feel free to take a look at our work.

Ed started becoming another type of nerd by roasting his own coffee. We both loved it so much we started doing it as a business!


Amy and I always wanted a way to display a photograph in a more unique way, so we found our own way to do that! Please ask for more on these as you really need to see them in person!

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