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 Shaped By Michigan - Custom  Wall  Art   +  Wedding  Signs

Along with several family members, Amy and I have started to create custom Michigan Shaped photographs as well as various wall decor and signage that we call Shaped By Michigan. We would love to help you out with making your wedding photos as unique as possible!


- Side note as we often get asked if we can make these with photos taken by other photographers.  Due to the photo editing and planning involved in the process of creating these unique art pieces we are only able to use photos that are taken by us.


If you would like to schedule a session with us to start the process of creating a custom Shaped by Michigan art piece for you please visit our contact page or call us at 616-901-6973.


24x24 great lakes background

MI Preview (1 of 1).jpg

24x36 Rooted in Michigan background

SBM Preview.jpg

36x36 great lakes background

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